Advantages and disadvantages of wooden, plastic and aluminum windows 22.04.2021

Advantages and disadvantages of wooden windows

Pine, oak and larch are the most popular natural materials for making wooden windows. Each of them has its own characteristics.Wooden windows have many advantages such as:

- Environmental friendliness.
- Excellent sound and thermal insulation properties, air permeability.
- Low thermal conductivity.
- Minimum coefficient of thermal expansion
- You can use it for a really long time. For comparison, we note that the service life of plastic windows is about 30 years.
- Stylish, cozy and creative appearance.

Despite many advantages, wooden windows have disadvantages as well:

- Heavy frame.
- Expensive and long production time.

Advantages and disadvantages of plastic windows

Plastic windows are by far the most common type of windows. Why are plastic windows so attractive? Without a doubt, the main and, undoubtedly, the most indisputable advantage of these windows are:

- Lightness, durability, dirt resistance.
- Wear resistance. Even extreme climatic conditions aren't a treat for these windows.
- Moisture resistance.
- Affordable price.
- Resistance to atmospheric phenomena.
- Aesthetic appearance.
- Tightness.
- Easy to operate.
- They does not require a special care.
- Plastic windows are completely harmless.

As for disadvantages of plastic windows, only two points can be noted:

- Shorter service life, in contrast to wood and aluminum windows.
- A small selection of design solutions.

Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum windows

Aluminum window frames have a modern and minimalistic look. The main advantages of aluminum windows are:

- Durability.
- Resistance to corrosion and destruction, high resistance to loads.
- Resistant to aggressive environments.
- Aluminum frames are recyclable.

Among the disadvantages of aluminum windows should be noted the high cost, as well as sound and thermal insulation properties, which are inferior to plastic and wooden windows.